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Apply for housing accommodation

How to apply for accommodation

1. Register a personal page

If you lack access to a computer with an Internet connection, please call or visit us and we will provide personal service. We also have customer computers where you can search vacant flats and rooms yourself. We will be happy to demonstrate our Internet rentals to you!

2. Search for available flats and rooms yourself

Every weekday morning at around 9 a.m. we post all vacant flats and rooms on our web site. Our web rental is both quick and efficient but the system is based on the fact that you as a customer initiate the search for a flat.

3. Let us know that you are interested by clicking Apply 

You are only allowed to have three applications for flats and three applications for student flats at the same time. Every weekday morning at around 9 a.m. we post all vacant flats and rooms on our web site. You are able to apply for those flats and rooms until 06.30 the following morning. NB: Your application is personal. You are not allowed to apply for a flat or room for anyone but yourself.

Please note that all students must confirm that they are accepted at Umeå University or SLU in Umeå when they apply for student housing. Read more about student housing.

4. Find out if you got an offer for a flat or a room

The day after your application you will receive an e-mail and/or text message offer to see the flat, if you are number 1-8 in the order of priority. We only offer eight applicants with the longest registration date among all appliers on the specific flat. The offer is according to your registration date, meaning when you signed up a personal page and not what time you applied for the flat on the website. All other applications are cancelled. If you do not have an e-mail address you have to log in to your personal page or contact us at Customer Service and we will help you.

The one who ends up as number one in the order of priority will be offered to rent the flat or room. If you end up as number 1-8 only depends on how long you have been registered. If all eight turn down the offer, the flat or room will be posted on our web site again.

5. Turn down or accept within three days

If you receive an offer you must accept or turn it down within three days. To do so you can either go to your personal page or contact us. On your personal page you will find the name and phone number to the person who lives in the flat that you have been offered. On your personal page you can also find out where you are in the queue and if you climb in the order of priority.

If you accept the flat your answer is binding and you must pay rent from the entry date. Your date of registration is reset once you have acquired a flat. That does not apply if you get your first dorm contract, then you get to keep your date of registration.

NB: Your date of registration will also be set to zero you receive your contract by trading flats with another tenant.

6. Sign your contract environmentally and electronically

If you acquire a room or flat, we will do a credit check in which you must be approved. An electronic contract (e-contract) is then posted on your personal page. Instead of signing a piece of paper, you sign the e-contract with your username and password. By signing electronically, you help us minimize the paper consumption which is an important part of our environmental program.



Telephone exchange

Phone: 090-17 75 00

Customer service centre

E-mail: Kundcenter
Phone: 090-17 77 00

Area Landlord

Contact list


Visit: Östra Kyrkogatan 2,
Moritzska gården
Mail: Box 244, 901 06 Umeå.

Phone hours

Monday–Friday 9am–3pm

Visiting hours

Friday 9am–3pm
Closed 12 noon–1pm

Emergency number

If serious faults occur after office hours or during weekends, please call 090-14 26 10.

In the event of fire, accidents or burglary, please call 112.

To receive or give information regarding accidents or crises, please call 113 13