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Apartment exchange

An apartment exchange means that you exchange your apartment for another apartment. An apartment exchange must always be approved by us as the landlord. Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to make exchanges for tenant-owner’s flats or houses.

You must find another tenant yourself to exchange apartments with, but the person you wish to exchange with does not need to be a tenant with us. If you wish to exchange apartments with another person who does not rent from us, we need a confirmation from the other landlord and a copy of the rental contract.

The basic condition for you being allowed to exchange your apartment is that the exchange must resolve your need for somewhere to live. You must be living in the apartment you are exchanging in order to be allowed to make the exchange.

It is important that you provide truthful information in your application and that you and the person you are exchanging with do in fact move in the way you state in your application. Making false statements or not moving in the way you described in your application may be reason to terminate the rental contract/s for the apartment/s according to the Tenancy Act.

If you received the apartment through an earlier apartment exchange, you must have stronger reasons for a new apartment exchange to be made during the first year after the earlier exchange.


What is required for an apartment exchange

In order to be allowed to exchange your apartment, according to the Tenancy Act you must be able to show that you as a tenant have “notable causes”. Notable causes might be

  • changed family circumstances such as a new addition to the family, cohabitant relationship, separation
  • a major change in your finances due to illness, retirement or unemployment
  • a change of town/city for work or studies
  • a physical disability that means that you need a lift or a ground floor apartment.

Further requirements are that

  • you and the person you wish to exchange apartments with have been living in your apartments during at least one year 
  • you and the person you wish to exchange apartments with have been conscientious and paid your rent in time for the past six months
  • there are no other reasons for refusal, for example illegal payments.

How to make an apartment exchange

  • Send us your application two calendar months before the date you wish to make the exchange. You can find the form further down this page.
  • Enclose proof that confirms your reasons (see above concerning “notable causes”).
  • The tenant you are exchanging apartments with must send in a copy of their rental contract from their present landlord (if other than AB Bostaden).
  • The tenant you are exchanging with must also send in a certificate from their landlord with a reference and consent to the flat being used in a apartment exchange. You can find the form for this further down this page.
  • When we have received your application to exchange your apartment, we will book an inspection of your apartment through your area landlord. We use the result of the inspection as part of the basis for our decision. If there is any abnormal wear and tear to the apartment, you will need to pay for that before we approve your exchange.
  • Send in your application and the proofs of your reasons at least two calendar months before the date you wish to make the exchange.
  • When the exchange has been approved, you and the others tenant will be sent a notification to sign the contracts electronically, unless we have agreed otherwise.
  • Hand the keys to your apartment to your area landlord.


Apartment exchange or subletting if you live in a youth apartment

If you live in a youth apartment and wish to exchange apartments or sublet your apartment, the one you exchange apartments with or sublet to has to be between 18 and 25 years old.


Application form

Certificate from the other landlord


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