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Search for accommodation - priority customer service

I have not activated the priority customer service, can I still get priority on available flats?

No. To be able to use that service you have to register your requests for accommodation through our priority customer service on your personal page. Please contact Customer Service if you need any help.


How many flat offers will I get as a priority customer?

As a priority customer you may turn down no more than five flat offers if you are number one in the queue when you receive the offer. When you have turned down or not answered five first place offers you will not be able to use the service again until six months later.


What determines where I will end up in the Priority Customer Service queue?

It is always the tenant who has lived the longest at Bostaden that will end upp as number one in the queue for a priority customer service offer. It is the total, continuous time that you have lived in onte of our flats that determines where you will end up in the queue. What register date you have on your personal page is not of any importance when you receive a priority customer service offer.


Can I find the priority customer service on my personal page?

Yes, when you have had the tenancy agreement for your current flat or room for at least five years and also pay your bills on time as well as take care of your flat you will find that service on your personal page. If you need any help with the service, please contact Customer Service and we will help you.


When can I use the Priority Customer Service?

When you have lived in your flat for at least five years, and you have not been in arrears of rent and have been careful with your flat.


What does Priority Customer Service mean?

When you have lived in your flat for at least five years you have the opportunity to use our priority customer service. It means that you will have priority over other customers and you get the possibility to choose what area you want to move to and what kind of flat you want. You find more information about Priority customer serivce here.


Do existing AB Bostaden customers have priority if they want to move flats?

If you are a long-standing, good customer who has had a first-hand contract on your current flat for at least five years, you can get extra service in the shape of us monitoring your wishes to move flats ("flatwatch"). If you meet the criteria for becoming "Priority customer service", you can register for flatwatch on your personal page.
You can request our priority customer service for three (3) different selections, such as different areas or different sizes of flat. As a priority customer, you can decline a maximum of five (5) offers of flats, provided that you are in first place in the queue when you are given the offer.
You will find more information about how priority customer service works, read here.

If you need help with flatwatch or have any questions about it, you are welcome to contact us at Custsomer service.

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