Where you feel at home – Tomtebo

On Tomtebo we rent about about 30 student apartments. Our first house in the area was built in 1992 and since then newer buildings have been added. Tomtebo is one of Umeå's newest neighbourhoods and is located about 5 km from central Umeå, close to greenery and water. The area has facilities for sauna, socializing and overnight rooms for the residents in the area to rent.

Close to a recreational area

Tomtebo is located near the lake Nydalasjön which is a popular recreation area with jogging trails, barbecue areas, walking trails and playgrounds. The area has a pizzeria and a kiosk, and Ålidhem centre is within walking distance. In the area you also find two schools and several pre-schools.
  • 1:or: 7
  • 2:or: 134
  • 3:or: 63
  • 4:or: 101
  • 5:or: 16
  • Distance to city centre, about 5 km
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