Where you feel at home – Ålidhem

On Ålidhem you will find some of our properties with student housing on Fysikgränd, Historiegränd, Pedagoggränd and Stipendiegränd. We have about 1900 dorm rooms for students and about 700 student apartments. The area was started building in the mid 1960's but has continually been expanded and renovated.

Close to shopping centre and the University

Ålidhem is located about 4 km from central Umeå, within walking distance of Umeå University and the hospital. On the popular Ålidhem centre you find food shops, a pizzeria, a bakery, a hairdresser, a flower shop, a pharmacy and a post office. In the basement there is a cozy restaurant where you can meet over a beer or coffee while playing board games or singing karaoke.
On Ålidhem you have access to jogging tracks, freshly laid artificial turf plan, beach volleyball courts, barbecue areas, playgrounds, parks, a church, a library, a cultural centre and schools. Nearby you can shop in Umeå’s biggest food store at the business centre Strömpilen.

Large fire at Christmas 2008

On Christmas Eve 2008, emergency services were alerted due to a fire in the kitchen in an apartment on Geografigränd. Despite great efforts the entire building was soon in flames. The building was evacuated and nobody was hurt, but a total of 71 apartments were damaged and over 200 tenants lost their homes. The houses were demolished and Bostaden is now building four new properties in the area and a winter garden on the yard.
  • Single rooms: 1950
  • 1:or: 293
  • 2:or: 680
  • 3:or: 587
  • 4:or: 231
  • 5:or: 87
  • Distance to city centre, about 4 km
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Rented flats3
Student flats4
Flats for seniors0
Parking spaces34
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