Västra Ersboda

Whre you feel at home – Västra Ersboda

On Västra Ersboda our properties are located on Måttgränd, Ostkroken, Ostvägen, Snipgränd and Ystarvägen
Västra Ersboda is located just south of the village Ersmark about 5 km north of central Umeå.

Here Bostaden rent out about 500 apartments built in the early 1980's. Nearby there are kindergartens, schools, restaurants, a church, hairdressers and one of Umeå's major trade center with its wide range of business. The surrounding area also has large green areas, allotments, preschools and soccer fields.

A well-known landmark on Västra Ersboda is Bostadens so-called "the Toblerone Houses" which are four triangular eight-storey concrete buildings built in the early 80's. In all four houses there is a sauna and a meeting hall on the top floor with a view over the city.

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  • 2:or: 163
  • 3:or: 210
  • 4:or: 74
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  • 6:or: 1
  • Distance to city centre, about 5 km
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