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On Väst på stan our properties are located on Hedlundavägen, Hovrättsgatan, Kvarnvägen, Lagmansgatan, Lundavägen, Ryttargatan, Skolgatan, Storgatan and Östra Prinsgatan. On Väst på stan Bostaden built the fist houses in the 1960's and new houses have since been built in the 70's, 80's and 90's. On Väst på stan we rent out a total of 300 apartments. 

Väst på stan is the western part of the old inner city of Umeå. The area is located between route E4 in the East, Tvärån in the west, route E12 in the north and the Ume River in the south. On Väst på stan there are several buildings that escaped the great fire of 1888, including the distinctive yellow building, "Butter Ash".

Väst på stan consists of old, beautiful buildings and the area stretches about 1 km from the centre. Here you are close to the river with its long promenade, green parks, the Nolia Halls, schools, kindergartens, charming shops, Umeå city hall, and a mini golf course.

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  • 2:or: 108
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  • 6:or: 1
  • Distance to city centre, about1 km
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