Where you feel at home – Sävar

In Sävar, our properties are located on Blomstervägen, Hällvägen, Jullovsvägen, Lärkstigen and Sportlovsvägen. All 118 apartments are built in the form of two-storey houses in child-friendly areas.

Sävar is situated by the stream Sävarån about 15 km northeast of Umeå. In Sävar you have good access to all the daily services you might need. In the centre you find the grocery store, a restaurant, a flower shop and nearby you have a gas station, church and schools. Sävar has a rich voluntary sector where the church and sports clubs offer many opportunities for involvement.

Sävar have also a thriving cultural scene. You can watch music performances and theatre regularly on the outdoor stage and many of Umeå's talents originally comes from Sävar - including Isolation Years, Jennie Abrahamsson and Two White Horses.

The Battle of Sävar during the Finnish Winter War in 1809 became the country's last major battle within the country, and ended with Sweden giving up Finland to Russia.

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  • Distance to city centre, about 15 km
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