Where you feel at home – Sandahöjd

Our properties on Sandahöjd is located on Himlastigen where Bostaden rent out 200 apartments built in 1988.
Sandahöjd is a highly situated neighbourhood in northeastern Umeå about 4 km from the city centre. One of the two houses is intended for care for the elderly with extended services such as dining and a meeting hall. In the area there are also 21 small houses, community halls and a sauna. The bus connections between Sandahöjd, other districts and the city centre are good.
  • 1:or: 5
  • 2:or: 102
  • 3:or: 36
  • 4:or: 45
  • 5:or: 12
  • Distance to city centre, about 4 km
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