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Öst på stan you find our properties on Häradshövdingegatan, Nygatan, Pilgatan, Scharinsvägen, Storgatan, Östermalmsgatan and Östra Norrlandsgatan. Öst på stan includes the area between Östra kyrkogatan and the route Blå vägen. Here Bostaden rent out about 250 apartments and the first house was built in the late 1930's.
Öst på stan is characterized by old wooden houses and small, personalized engraved stores. The area is close to central Umeå, the university and the hospital. The district offers a glimpse into the history of Umeå tastefully mixed with modern flair. Here you have access to everything from cafes, restaurants and nightspots such as Scharinska villan - to parks and the promenade at the riverbank. The area also holds pre-schools, a primary school, a secondary school and an artistic campus.
On Storgatan you can visit the old prison that was built in 1861 and is one of the few buildings that survived the great fire of 1888. The prison closed in 1981, and the cells are now converted into hotel rooms where you can pay to spend the night in jail. Right next to the prison you have the popular restaurant, Göteborg, which during the summer opens its outdoor seating on the old prison yard.

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  • Distance to city centre, about 1 km
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