Where you feel at home – Öbacka

On Öbacka our properties are located on Öbackavägen, Östra Strandgatan, Storgatan, Ankargatan and Hoppets gränd. Here Bostaden currently rent out about 470 apartments and an additional 250 apartments will be finished in 2011 and 2013. The first houses on Öbacka were built in the 80’s and the newer houses were finished in 2010. One of these houses is reserved for seniors only.

Öbacka is a popular residential area which is located on the river bank, east of central Umeå. The area is within walking distance from the town centre and close to the university, the hospital and the new railway station, Umeå Östra, which opened in 2010. In the area you also find pre-schools, kindergartens and assembly-and leisure facilities.

See how the newly built houses look like on the inside

  • 1:or: 51
  • 2:or: 346
  • 3:or: 282
  • 4:or: 89
  • 5:or: 5
  • Distance to city centre, about 1 km
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