Where you feel at home – Nydalahöjd

Our properties on Nydalahöjd are located on Istidsgatan and were built in the 1990's. Here Bostaden rent out about 1200 apartments, student apartments and single rooms. Nydalahöjd is situated northeast of the University and about 5 km from central Umeå.

In the area you have access to an assembly hall, sauna facilities, a utility room and a hobby room. Nearby you also have a convenience store, restaurants, newly built public baths/sports hall and lots of opportunities for varied forms of outdoor exercise.

Nydalahöjd is close to Nydalasjön which is a 3 km long lake on the outskirts of Umeå. The lake is surrounded by a campground, trails, bike paths and barbecue areas. There is also access to blueberries, lingonberries and mushrooms in the forest around the lake. And if you like fishing you can buy fishing licenses. 

  • Single rooms: 372
  • 1:or: 203
  • 2:or: 489
  • 3:or: 89
  • 4:or: 45
  • 5:or: 5
  • Distance to city centre, about 5 km
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Rented flats0
Student flats4
Flats for seniors0
Parking spaces104
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