Where you feel at home – Marieberg

Some of our properties on Marieberg is located on Björnvägen, Rådjursvägen and Älgvägen. All properties on Marieberg were built in 1979 and 1980.
On Marieberg you are close to nature central Umeå is about 6 km away. The area consists of a mixture of houses and apartment buildings most of which are two-story houses. Bostaden rent out about 400 apartments in the area. In the area there are schools, kindergarten, sauna, a church and homes for the elderly. Nearby you have Mariehem and Mariedal with a well-developed business center.

  • 1:or: 17
  • 2:or: 171
  • 3:or: 161
  • 4:or: 80
  • Distance to city centre, about 6 km
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