Where you feel at home – Ersmark

In Ersmark you can find our properties on Vardagsvägen where the houses were built 1987. Ersmark is located about 7 km north of Umeå where Bostaden rent out 24 apartments.

In Ersmark you have access to a school, a preschool, after-school center, convenience store and you are also close to nature.

Ersmark is originally a medieval farming village and was then called Östensmark after a settler named Östen. In 1987 Ersmark counted officially as a district of Umeå, although the old village still is geographically separated from the rest of the city.

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  • 3:or: 7
  • 4:or: 4
  • 5:or: 1
  • 6:or: 1
  • Distance to city centre, about 7 km
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