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Where you feel at home – Centrala stan

Some of our properties in central Umeå are located on Döbelnsgatan, Kungsgatan, Magasingatan, Parkgatan, Skolgatan, Sveagatan, Västra kyrkogatan and Västra Norrlandsgatan.

The first houses in the area were built in the late 1950´s. The area consists of dense urban development in mostly 3-7 storey houses. Here you find mainly shops and offices, but also a lot of houses where Bostaden rent out about 370 apartments. Here in Umeå's heart, you will find culture, entertainment, shopping, parks, the river, schools and kindergartens.

On June 25, 1888 the Town Hall bells started ringing in Umeå, when a fierce fire broke out in the brewery's main building. The fire almost destroyed the little town but was kept back by the birches on Östra Esplanaden. After this it was decided that the streets in Umeå should be widened and lined with fire resistant birch trees, which over time resulted in Umeå being nicknamed “The city of birches”.

Watch a film of the latest built flats on Hedlunda (Hedlundavägen-Skolgatan)


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