Where you feel at home – Bullmark

Bullmark is a village 35 km north of Umeå where Bostadens properties can be found on Tunnbrödsvägen with a total of 13 apartments.

Bullmark was once an agriculture community, a sense that still lingers in the village. Through the village runs a stream, Sävarån, where you can go fishing or take a refreshing swim. In Bullmark you have access to nice snowmobile trails, an ice rink for skating and nice running tracks during summer and ski runs during winter.

In addition to the village's beautiful buildings with courtyards and meadows, there are residential neighbourhoods, apartment buildings, businesses, primary and nursery schools and a rich voluntary sector.


  • 2:or: 6
  • 3:or: 2
  • Distance to city centre, about 35 km
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