Where you feel at home – Böleäng

On Böleäng we rent out about 400 apartments located on Bigarråvägen, Körsbärsvägen, Plommonvägen, Päronvägen, Äppelvägen and Tranbärsvägen.

The first houses on Böleäng was built in the 60´s but has since been supplemented by newer buildings in the 1970´s and 80's.

Böleäng is located on the south side of the river about 3 km from central Umeå. Within the area you can find a supermarket, a kindergarten, a church, a school and a medical center. Böleäng also offers plenty of green areas and is to a high extent free from cars.

  • 1:or: 69
  • 2:or: 173
  • 3:or: 209
  • 4:or: 51
  • Distance to city centre, about 3 km
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