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Ersmark is located about 7 km north of Umeå where Bostaden rent out 24 apartments. In Ersmark you have access to a school, a preschool, after-school center, convenience store and you are also close to nature.

Centrala stan

The area consists of dense urban development in mostly 3-7 storey houses. Here you find mainly shops and offices, but also a lot of houses where Bostaden rent out about 370 apartments.


Bullmark is a village 35 km north of Umeå, where Bostadens properties can be found on Tunnbrödsvägen. Bullmark was once an agriculture community, a sense that still lingers in the village.


Berghem is located north east of central Umeå, just a stone's throw away from the University and about 2 km from central Umeå. In the centre of Berghem you have a grocery store, a pizzeria, a Chinese restaurant, a convenient store, a local pub, a second hand shop and a bike store.


Fridhem is a small residential area located in the southwest corner of Berghem between Gammlia and Blå vägen. On Fridhem you are close to Gammlia, the university and the hospital and central Umeå is only about 1.5 km away.


In Holmsund the public and commercial services are well developed with dental care, health care centre, pharmacy, schools, bank, shops and great opportunities for exercise, for example the beautifully situated golf course. Everything in close connection with Bostadens properties.


Bostaden´s 700 flats on Lilljansberget, is located near Umeå University, IKSU and nature, making this a fantastic attractive area.


On Marieberg you are close to nature central Umeå is about 6 km away. The area consists of a mixture of houses and apartment buildings most of which are two-story houses.


Our properties on Nydalahöjd are located on Istidsgatan and were built in the 1990´s. Here Bostaden rent out about 1200 apartments, student apartments and single rooms. Nydalahöjd is situated northeast of the University and about 5 km from central Umeå.


Röbäck is situated about 5 km southwest of central Umeå, on the south side of the river. Here Bostaden has 162 apartments built in 1988 and 1997.


Sandahöjd is a highly situated neighbourhood in northeastern Umeå about 4 km from the city centre.


Sandbacka is a suburb about 2 km north of central Umeå where Bostaden rent out about 40 apartments. In the immediate surroundings you find grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, schools and kindergartens.


Sävar is situated by the stream Sävarån about 15 km northeast of Umeå. In Sävar you have good access to all the daily services you might need.


Tunnelbacken is located about 3 km from central Umeå on a hill sloping down towards the river with a view of the city. The area is very close to the university, the hospital and close to Ålidhem centre with its full range of services.


On Umedalen Bostaden rent out about 700 apartments, in two to five storey houses. Umedalen is located about 5 km west of Umeå Centre with good bus links and a wide range of services.


Väst på stan

Väst på stan is located between route E4 in the East, Tvärån in the west, route E12 in the north and the Ume River in the south about 1 km from the city centre. Bostaden is currently building two new houses in the crossing Hedlundavägen and Skolgatan.


The area is located between the university and Ålidhem centre that offers food shops, a pizzeria, a pub, a bakery, a hairdresser, a flower shop, a pharmacy and a post office.



Öbacka is a popular residential area which is located on the river bank, east of central Umeå. The area is within walking distance from the town center and close to the university, the hospital and the new railway station, Umeå Östra, which opened in 2010. During 2011 Bostaden build 45 new flats on Öbacka.

Öst på stan

Öst på stan includes the area between Östra kyrkogatan and the route Blå vägen in central Umeå. Here Bostaden rent out about 250 apartments.

Östra Ersboda

Östra Ersboda is located about 6 km north of central Umeå with good bus connections. On Östra Ersboda you find jogging trails, soccer fields, schools, kindergartens, a library, dental care, hairdressers, community halls, convenience stored, fast food places and care for the elderly in several different languages.


Haga is one of Umeå's oldest neighbourhoods and is located only a short distance away from central Umeå. On Haga Bostaden rents out about 100 apartments and the first houses were built in 1946 and renovated in 1975.


Tomtebo is one of Umeå's newest neighbourhoods and is located about 5 km from central Umeå, close to greenery and water.



Obbola is an island surrounded by sea and nature, located about 14 km from Umeå with good bus connections to get to, and from, central town and the university.


On Mariehem, Bostaden rent out about 150 apartments concentrated around the center of Mariehem, which is located about 5 km from central Umeå.


Västra Ersboda

Västra Ersboda is located just south of the village Ersmark about 5 km north of central Umeå. During 2011 Bostadn renovate and rebuild at the centre of Västra Ersboda.



Ålidhem is located about 4 km from central Umeå, within walking distance of Umeå University and the hospital. In the area Bostaden is renovating and building new houses on Matematikgränd and Geografigränd within the project Hållbara Ålidhem.



Böleäng is located on the south side of the river about 3 km from central Umeå. Within the area you can find a supermarket, a kindergarten, a church, and a school. On Biggarå- and Plommonvägen we are renovating during 2011.

Here you find information about our different residential areas. Just click an area on the map to get to the page with information about that specific area. Bostaden has in total about 15 000 flats and single rooms (for students) around Umeå. We have accommodation in most of Umeås residential areas.


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