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Clothes collection boxes in our areas


Thanks to a collaboration with the Myrorna charity organisation, we have more than 30 clothes collection boxes spread around our residential areas.

Here tenants can leave clothes, shoes and other textiles that they no longer need. They are instead collected by Myrorna, who wash or clean and then resell as much as possible.

Around 55,000 kilos of textiles a year are left in the boxes.

“It’s fantastic that these clothes and textiles can be reused instead of being disposed of in ordinary rubbish and then burned,” says Jeanette Forssén, area manager and waste manager at Bostaden.

Large quantities of resources such as water, energy and various metals are needed to produce new goods. Manufacturing new products often has a negative impact on the environment because chemicals that are used can be spread to the local environment. According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the manufacture of one kilo of textiles generates emissions of carbon dioxide amounting to about fifteen kilos. This means that if you choose to buy three second-hand garments instead of the same number of new ones, this will save about fifteen kilos of carbon dioxide emissions. This can be compared to the carbon dioxide emissions of a passenger car driving about 100 kilometres.

All of Myrorna's profits go to the Salvation Army’s social activities in Sweden.

“In addition to Myrorna’s own 400 employees, they also have around 3,000 people a year doing work training or on work experience programmes with them. It’s an important initiative,” says Jeanette Forssén and goes on:

“Our intention is to support social work across the board. And if we can do something positive for the environment at the same time, that’s excellent. This is work that benefits many areas – the environment, our tenants who can sort textiles and the social work that Myrorna are doing.

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