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The Klossen house of culture at Ålidhem


Andrea Rodriguez, District Manager at Studiefrämjandet Västerbotten.

Popular house of culture at Ålidhem

Bigger, fresher and more functional. The Klossen house of culture at Ålidhem has been given a new look with some 1,500 square metres of newly renovated space for participatory culture.

“Now all possibilities are open,” says Studiefrämjandet’s Andrea Rodriguez.

Klossen has been in existence at Ålidhem on a smaller scale since 2011. It all began when Bostaden organised a citizen dialogue and let Ålidhem’s residents decide what Klossen should offer. It turned out that they wanted a house of culture, and Studiefrämjandet has run it from the outset.

Over the past year Bostaden has had the premises, which previously also housed an open preschool, extensively renovated. The whole building is now a house of culture with some 50 actors all in all and a large number of rooms for activities that the associations organise themselves. The key words are participation and involvement.

“We want to involve Ålidhem’s residents. Everyone is to be able to join in and there is a wide breadth of associations, networks, groups and individuals in the building,” says Andrea Rodriguez, who is Studiefrämjandet’s district manager in Västerbotten.

Klossen is popular among Ålidhem’s residents. After a year of building work, activities are now in full swing.

“There might be 200 people in the building on a normal Tuesday. There’s a huge demand and many associations that want to be here,” she says.

Activities offered at the newly renovated premises include dance courses, children’s theatre, allotment gardening and dinner get-togethers.

Anyone who wants to start an activity here has only to contact Studiefrämjandet.

“Everyone’s welcome. We are an open house of culture. We are mainly for the residents of Ålidhem, but already today we have activities involving people from all over town,” she says.

In Andrea Rodriguez’ opinion it’s basically a question of democracy.

“People have to be able to find a context and have a place to meet. If you can feel that you can influence your own everyday life, you also get a more attractive residential area. It’s an incredible asset for Ålidhem,” she says.


Associations at Klossen

Here are a few of the associations to be found at Klossen:

Iranska föreningen
Ingen människa är illegal
The Swedish Tourist Association
The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Allt åt alla
The European Youth Parliament

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Registration possible from the year you turn 16 years