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Sustainable Ålidhem

Hållbara Ålidhem 

After a serious fire at Ålidhem on Christmas Day 2008, we decided to erect energy-efficient buildings when we built the new ones. That was how Norrland's biggest low-energy building project began, with innovative technologies – while at the same time modernising the neighbouring buildings.

The area was given the name ‘Hållbara Ålidhem’ (Sustainable Ålidhem) and turned into a major collaborative project between Bostaden, Umeå Energi and Umeå University. The project comprises just over 500 apartments, 140 of which are new low-energy apartments, and has resulted in a decrease in energy consumption in the area of 40 per cent. Among other things, the washing machines were connected to the district heating system, new heating systems, new ventilation and new LED lighting were installed, and apartments were given supplementary insulation.

2,700 square metres of solar panels were also installed that produce 320,000 kilowatt-hours a year.

Sustainable Ålidhem was completed in 2015 and is still of great interest – many municipal housing companies and other actors make study visits.

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