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We want everyone that is looking for sponsoring from us, to fill out an application. This makes it easier for us to evaluate the request. You apply for sponsoring through a web form. You will find a link further down on this page. The Communication unit is responsible for handling all sponsoring requests.

The Bostaden view on sponsorship

Our view on sponsorship is that it is collaboration between Bostaden and your company/organization/association that benefit both parties. Contributions shall be seen as a part of the business assignment and follow the intentions of the owner's instructions and the company business plan. All sponsoring shall strengthen the view on Bostaden.

Sponsoring is evaluated on how much your company/organization/association:

  • Supports a positive development in those housing areas where Bostaden has a large number of property
  • Reaches many people
  • Stimulates girls/women to participate in activities that has a positive effect on equality
  • Gives the company good will and that market Bostaden as a strong participant on the housing market
  • Has impact on a national level

Sponsoring may take place through proper contracts or as support to certain events or activities according to the principles above.
All sponsoring that Bostaden participate in shall be characterized by openness and should endure examination from the media and the public.

Read our sponsorship policy (only in swedish)


Apply for sponsorship

To make the handling of sponsoring requests easier we only accept written applications through a web form. When you have sent your application we will get back to you as soon as possible with our final answer. Apply for sponsorship (only in Swedish)


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