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Press releases

March 11 2010

Bostaden's new rents for 2010 have been decided

AB Bostaden in Umeå and the Tenants Association have now agreed on new rents for flats and single rooms. The agreement, that lasts for two years will also apply for tenants in Bostaden's affiliated companies. The rent level will be raised by an average of 1,6 percent. The raise starts to apply from April 1st 2010.
October 22 2009

Refuse rooms are turned into environmental houses

Monday the 26th of October Ann-Sofi Tapani, Managing Director at Bostaden will open the most recent refuse room of Bostaden, a so called environmental house at Pedagoggränd. All in all, six environmental houses will open. Four of these are situated at Pedagoggränd, one at Historiegränd and in February another one at Gluntens väg.
October 2 2009

Geografigränd – This is what it may look like

Lindbäcks bygg have been chosen as contractor for the new building on Geografigränd 2. Their suggestion scored highest points closely followed by NCC.
September 23 2009

Bostaden supports VIPgalan...

... and asks Umeå for help.



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