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Our journey to sustainability

Vi satsar på hållbarhet 

For us sustainability is a whole where environmental work, finances and social prerequisites are inter-dependent. The objective is to create security for our tenants and society in general. Everything is interconnected.

As a public housing company we have a duty to consider sustainability, but also an opportunity to make a substantial difference. Everyone can contribute, everyone matters. On some issues we have come a long way; others we have only just begun working on. Our sustainability journey continues.

Ecological sustainability – everything that concerns the Environment

Ecological sustainability is about everything that is to function in our environment – that we have clean water, fresh air, functional housing and a flourishing natural environment just round the corner. In this respect we have to take responsibility for our own environment, but also for how our behaviour and choices affect the rest of the world and the climate.

Some examples of how we work with ecological sustainability:

  • We are part of the public housing sector’s climate initiative, with high targets set for 2030. We are among other things to be completely fossil-free and reduce our energy use by 30 per cent.
  • Already today, 70 per cent of our facility electricity comes from wind power.
  • We put demands on our suppliers and check that all building materials are acceptable from an environmental point of view.
  • We offer tenants possibilities for sorting their household waste.


Social Sustainability – Security and opportunities for everyone

Social sustainability is about building and maintaining a functioning society where everyone can expect secure life conditions. It is also about everyone's right to live rich, meaningful lives.

Some examples of how we work with social sustainability:

  • Our queuing system is an important part of our offering. Everyone queues on the same terms.
  • We support integration and cultural activities in our residential areas, including the Klossen house of culture at Ålidhem, the Junis organisation’s friends evenings at Ålidhem and Erode, and several different football schools.
  • In the Huskurage initiative we collaborate with the police to prevent violence in close relationships by giving neighbours tools to react.
  • In all our residential areas we have carried out security walks where together with our tenants we have identified areas that do not feel secure and which have required some kind of action, for example better lighting.


Financial sustainability – A means to attain our goals

Financial sustainability is a precondition for our environmental and social work. It is about adopting a long-term approach, maintaining the properties and areas we have, and making wise investments for the future.

Some examples of how we work with financial sustainability:

  • We set reasonable rents that are negotiated with the Swedish Union of Tenants.
  • We take a long-term approach to our management and follow a plan for our maintenance work.
  • We combat unauthorised subletting and ensure that tenants do not have to pay unreasonable sublet rents.
  • We ensure that the social and cultural activities that we support financially also provide additional value for our tenants.


Through our daily and our long-term sustainability efforts we contribute to a better Umeå. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or comments!

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