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More effective use of electricity

Thomas Edström
Thomas Edström, Energy Strategist at Bostaden

We work constantly to reduce our energy use, including by purchasing energy-efficient appliances and installing LED lighting.

At Bostaden we follow up our electricity use continuously. We are modernising our light fittings and replacing all the bulbs with LEDs, which reduces energy use to roughly 50 per cent compared to traditional light bulbs.

“Our operating personnel work to eliminate unnecessary electricity use by optimising how ventilation units, fans and pumps operate. We are also installing twilight switches and presence-sensing devices for exterior lighting,” says Thomas Edström, energy strategist at Bostaden.

He continues:

“We can also reduce the output of outdoor lamps – so that they only operate at 30 per cent power at night. You don’t notice any difference but we save energy. It’s important that we don’t reduce safety and security when we save energy on lighting.

When we renovate laundry rooms and kitchens, we also install new, energy-saving appliances.

We monitor and follow up every building on a monthly basis. If we see that a particular building is consuming an excessive amount of energy, we act immediately and analyse what’s going wrong,” Thomas Edström goes on.


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