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Environment Focus in 2016

In June 2008 we started our large environmental project - Miljöfokus 2016.

Cycle thinking

The basic idea is quite simple: Our business is based on an approach to reduce the load on our shared environment. However, it is crucial to increase environmental awareness among both tenants and employees, as well as with the suppliers and contractors we use. We believe that the path to our goal goes through the knowledge, cooperation and open dialogue and to achieve things together makes a big difference!

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Five focus areas

To make our environmental work a little more manageable, we have divided the work in five main areas: energy consumption, waste disposal, construction and materials, transportation, and knowledge and commitment. Each focus area is led by a sub-project leaders who, with his project team, works to achieve its goals.

Energy consumption

We have already been working a long time to save energy. We have done well by recycling and fine-tuning the heating, saving water in different ways, ensuring reduced engine heaters, switched to energy-efficient washing machines. Now we are also set to use new technologies for ventilation and heat recovery. Moreover, we started a pilot project with the individual measurements in individual apartments in 2009. We have energy declaration for all our buildings, which can show the way for future action.

Waste Disposal

"Custom cycle waste management will be introduced and swill will within two years be source sorted in at least 50 percent of the properties."

  • In 2007, our customers collected about 1156 tonnes of recyclable material which represents a reduction of Garbage fee of about SEK 1 million.  
  • The goal is to offer more customers the opportunity to source sorting, from the current 80 percent to 90 percent. 
  • Increase the volume of recyclable material from 36 kg per quarter and households to 45 kg.  
  • Establish waste sorting in 50 percent of our properties in the start-up phase and then gradually increase the share where opportunity exists.  
  • Expand with additional fractions such as light bulbs where possible. 


Building and materials

The material in buildings should, as far as possible be free of environmental and hazardous substances.

  • Gradually increase the amount of environmentally sound materials throughout the buildings life cycle.
  • Setting clear environmental requirements in procurement of new and conversion projects, and in the maintenance, repairs and services.
  • Within three years, all property will be free of pollution with PCBs. We will implement the remedial action already planned for the coming years.
  • Environmental Declarations for our apartments begin in 2008.



Shipments will be made with environmentally friendly vehicles The goal is to reduce fossil fuel consumption in our work.

  • To replace our vehicles to energy-saving models. 
  • To increase the number of internet material orders .
  • With better internal communication and cooperation reduce the number of miles driven.
  • To use vehicles and machinery which are mainly driven by environmental fuels eg: Brush cutter, trimmer, etc .
  • Influence suppliers / contractors transports to take the same directions in consideration. 


Knowledge and commitment

Commitment and knowledge of environmental issues will increase and become a natural feature of all our work. An important part of the  environmental work is knowledge and will. We should encourage ourselves, our tenants and contractors/suppliers to an increased engagement on environmental issues. Follow-up is done by additional questions in customer surveys and employee surveys carried out annually. The base year for comparison is 2009. 


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