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Construction materials under control

Johanne Lindgren
Johanne Lindgren, Sustainability Strategist, at Bostaden

It is important for our future management work that we know what is built into our properties. We also want materials and products to be of good quality so that they last a long time. That is why we are also affiliated to the Byggvarubedömningen (Building Product Assessment) programme.

It is a system for assessing building and construction products. Aspects assessed include chemical content, possibilities for reuse, and recyclability. There are three different classifications in the system; red (products to be avoided), yellow (acceptable), and green (recommended).

Approve green and yellow building components

We only accept green and yellow building components in our properties and when we renovate, but in some cases we are forced to choose red products. One of the reasons for this might be that silicone and joint solutions to make bathrooms water-proof are still classified as red.

“The fact that high quality and high costs often go together means that in our projects and purchases we have to make trade-offs and assessments between things that are allowed to be expensive and things that are not. It can sometimes be difficult to find the best way to go but Bostaden has experienced and competent people who make these trade-offs every day,” says Johanne Lindgren, sustainability strategist at Bostaden.

Maintenance plan for our properties

We have a thorough maintenance plan for our properties that gives us a multi-year overview with future renovation measures. This gives our financial planning predictability and high-cost renovation peaks – such as in the case of properties built under the ‘million homes’ programme – can be tackled in a business-like manner.

“Thanks to the building products assessment system, we know what to do in future renovation projects. This reduces the risk of us encountering the type of problems that for example asbestos has caused,” Johanne Lindgren goes on.


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