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Neighbourhood counsils


Did you know that you and your neighbours together with Bostaden can be a part of and influence the living environment in your area. You can also get financial support from Bostaden to carry out different projects. 

Below you can find out more about neighbourhood counsils and how to start one.   

Neighbourhood counsils create a better living environment

All around Bostaden's residential areas there are about 40 neighbourhood counsils. They are proof you as a tenant have lots of ideas that can improve your living environment - from a nice cup of coffee (fika) with you neighbours to larger projects such as arranging differnet workhops. But it can also be barbeques in the yard, flowers, furniture, christmas trees or other things you want in your area.

How to start a neighbourhood counsil

You have to be minimum three people willing to be a part of the counsil, a board. Someone has to be a cashier and be in charge of the money and also show how you have chosen to spend the money. You also have to have an accountant, a person that can inspect the cashbook every year. The accountant is not supposed to be in the board. He or she must however at the end of every year make sure that the money is well spent. You also have to cooperate with the area landlord. The area landlord will be able to help you if you have concerns or questions. Once you have a board for your counsil you will immediately get a contribution of SEK 1000 to help you get started and to buy such things as office supplies and coffee for your meetings. 

How much money will Bostaden contribute with? 

All in all you can get up to SEK 15 000 every year for your area. The counsil can get money from two different accounts. The sum of money you can get from one of the accounts is based on how many apartments or student's rooms there are in the area. Apart from the starting contribution of SEK 1000 you also get SEK 25 for each apartment. For an average area that is approximately SEK 5000. The amount of money you can get from the other account is SEK 1.50 per square metre living area. That is approximately SEK 5000 to 10 000 a year depending on the area.  

How shall the money be used?

The money from the first account is intended to be used in order to make the area and the living in the area nicer. How to spend half of the money from the other account is decided by the neighbourhood cousil together with the area landlord. It might be improvements of the yard or other common spaces or some activity to strengthen the spirit between neighbours in the area. Bostaden decide on how to use the rest of the money from the second account. The reason is to make sure that the money is spent in the same way in different areas.

We want more neighbourhood counsils so start one right away! It is a chance to make the area better, more pleasant, more beautiful or more fun.

How to start a neighbourhood counsil:

1. Gather at least two neighbours who are interested in taking part.

2. Find an accountant.

3. Contact your area landlord and book a meeting where you form a board for the counsil.

4. Contact Bostaden to get your money. A normal sized area can get up to SEK 15 000 every year.

5. The area landlord will be there to help you if you have questions.  


Neighbourhood counsils, who have their own websites:

Kvartersrådet Hinden,  Marieberg

Kvartersrådet Grannen,  Ålidhem

Kvartersrådet Höken/Mården, Öst på stan

Kvartersrådet Smörbyttan, östra Ersboda (Södra och Norra Slevgränd)

Kvartersrådet Karet 4, östra Ersboda (Spanngränd)

Kvartersrådet Karet 5 och 6, östra Ersboda (Hinkgränd, Krukgränd och Mjölkvägen)

Kvartersrådet Osten, västra Ersboda (Ostkroken)

Kvartersrådet Prästosten 2, västra Ersboda (Ystarvägen 135-149)

Kvartersrådet Klintvägen, Tunnelbacken

Kvartersrådet Grädden, västra Ersboda


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